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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 29, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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a chaotic scene at a busy shopping center. shoppers felt threatened, and police say an officer was right now at 11:00 aindicate yot i don't caric scene at a busy shopping center. police say an officer was forced to open fire. the confrontation caught on camera. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening. thank you for joining us on this memorial day i'm janelle wang sitting in for jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj matthai. a lot happening tonight as this holiday weekend comes to an en. let's start with the developing story in freemont. witnesses say a man was walking around the parking lot of a shopping center with a pipe.
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this is right off maori avenue. an officer then opened fire as plenty of people saw this violence. terry mcsweeney is on the scene with the cell phone video. >> reporter: police wrapped up their investigation out here about ten minutes ago. the man was shot right in front of where that truck was parked. police say it started when a patrol officer was flagged down by shoppers maybe 100 yards away and they told him they had been threatened by a man with a pipe. tonight, crews clean clean away the blood from the exact spot of a shooting where a unanimous and a police officer face odd. >> the officer was chasing the young black man and he was telling him to stop, drop it, stop, drop it. >> reporter: the witness says she took this video moments after the officer opened fire. freemont police say it all began when a patrol officer was flagged down by people at the mall. >> a citizen basically contacted him advising him that a subject was waving a pipe threatening people. >> reporter: there was a foot
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chase. the suspect finally stopped. and police say he was only ten feet or so from the officer still with a ten-inch long pipe in his hand. the witness say he was shot three times at least once in the shoulder, once in the stomach. >> he had his hands up. he mentioned love. and then he mentioned no, don't or something. >> reporter: it quickly unfolded. win one to two minutes is when this all unfolded. the man in his 20s was taken to the hospital. police in freemont have no update on his condition. this is the fourth shooting by freemont police so far this year. the one officer involved in this shooting has been placed on paid administrative leave, standard in an officer involved shooting. we are also following breaking news at this hour. within the past 30 minutes nbc has confirmed the former dictator of panama, manuel for yaga has died. he ruled panama in the 1980s until he was forcibly removed
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when american troops invaded that country in 1989. he was convicted on drug and laundering charges, then convicted in france and panama for murder, corruption, and embezzlelment. manuel noriega was 83 years old. >> he is going to go out. now we've got a beef. >> a giant brawl at the giants game. at&t park looked like a boxing ring not a baseball field when players started throwing punches. benches cleared. players ejected. more punishment is likely. jean elle is live at the ballpark with the play by play. >> reporter: players throwing punches instead of baseballs. parents say this brawl on the field sends the wrong message to young fans. >> hits him right in the hip. >> bryce harper with the nationals throws his helmet and charges the mounds after giants pitcher hunter strickland throws a pitch into his hip. the benches cleared for a brawl
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in the eighth. for some young fans and their parents it was an unwelcome surprise. >> it's the kids first game. they were scared and freaked out. >> reporter: the players have history. in the 2014 playoffs, harper homered twice off strickland. strickland wasn't happy harper stood at home plate watching his home run go into mccould have beeny cove. >> throwing that fastball where he did i wasn't happy with it. i took it into my hands. >> i didn't expect that. it's part of the game and that's what he decided to do. >> reporter: this 14-year-old is a fan of both teams. he says outperforming a player is better than hitting a player. >> to do something threatic and not fight i'd say. >> reporter: jeff martinez has some advice for the big boys. >> i am a coach. that's exactly what we do is try to calm them down, tell them keep things to yourself. you can get upset but take it
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out in different ways instead of at each other. >> reporter: officials ejected both players for the rest of the game and they may face further punish men from major league baseball. >> we posted raw video this brawl on the front page of our website at the grand opening weekend wasn't so grand. the safety inspection team was on site today after a boy flew off one of the high-speed slides at that new water park in dublin a. photographer with the east bay times shot this video. you can see the boy go over the side of the slide, the green slide there, and skid across the pachlt. thankfully the boy had only minor injuries. the wave water park is owned and operated by the city of dublin and cost $43 million to build. now a statement from the manufacturer, whitewater, reads in part, we are thankful the 10-year-old involved in the accident walked away without any serious injury. we are working closely with the
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team at wave and both of their high-speed slides have been shut down pending a full investigation from the whitewater team. a tragic high-speed crash on this memorial day killed two people in one of the east bay's oldest and busiest business districts. it happened around 8:00 a.m. in alameda near park and lincoln. investigators say an extended cab truck with seven people inside was speeding web on park street when it hit a van. the driver of that van suffered non-life threatening injuries. the truck rolled several times. two of the people inside that truck died. the other five are in critical condition. new at 11:00, they are creative and many times over the top, but this prom-posal some are calling racist. a student used this picture depicting himself with a black face to ask his date to the prom. the student and the school now addressing it. nbc is at los gatos high school with the details.
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>> reporter: the school district is saying they are making plans to deal with this and learn from it. the student at the center of this controversy tells me tonight he thinks this is all a big misunderstanding. >> my intentions were just ask a girl to prom not to be racist. >> reporter: the high school senior asked we not reveal his identity. he says it all started by asking a girl to prom with his bit emojy on his snap chat. when that didn't work he showed up at her house dressed as the about it-emoji. including black face. >> i wasn't mocking the african-american community. >> i was shocked. >> the prom proposal isn't sitting well with school parents. >> it also shows me that he doesn't see that that's wrong. he doesn't understand -- or maybe he does, how black people feel about black face. >> reporter: that's not the only incident that they are concerned
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about. a post asking do you want to be like the n word and hang at prom? in letter to parents the principal calls the post racially offensive and contrary to the values of inclusion and belonging that are integral to the school culture atlas gatt owes high school and that they have equity training for students and staff starting in the fall. it would not be addressed now if it wasn't all over social media. >> reporter: the school made the students see a counsellor for one session. no word on the on if he will be disciplined any further. >> i just want to say i'm sorry if i offended anyone. that wasn't my intention. >> reporter: in los gatos, ian cole nbc bay area news. tomorrow morning closing arguments will continue in the penalty phase of the sierra lamar murder case. jurors decide on death penalty. earlier this month antolin garcia torres was convicted of first-degree murder. last week the defense had
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closing arguments. prosecutors now get their chance beginning tomorrow. the jury could reach a decision as early as this week. he raced to her rescue, a an 82-year-old man chased down a suspected burglar who beat his by wife. the # 7-year-old says the woman attacked her with a stick on the back patio of her san jose home. >> i ben over for my shoes. i feel somebody hit me. i go oh, my god. she goes two times. she don't give me the chance to get up. >> reporter: her husband ran after the woman and held her down until sheriff deputies arrived. they arrested the 50-year-old for attempted burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse. we are following developing international news, a car bomb explodes near a popular ice cream shop in baghdad. at least 1 people were killed and 40 wounded.
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this is the holy month of ramadan. no group immediately claimed responsibility. it's been one week since the suicide bombing in manchester, england. tonight hundreds of people gathered if in silence to remember the victims. st. anne's square is a sea of flowers. you can see it here. balloons and messages for the victims. the square is not far from the manchester arena where that bomb exploded at the end of the ariana grande concert. 22 people were killed. 59 were hurt. on his first memorial day in office president trump saluted those he called real heros. he laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. the arlington national cemetery honors the men and women of the military who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. >> we pay tribute the those drav seoul souls who raced into gun
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fire, raced into battle and ran into hell to protect our country. back in the bay area there were several tributes, one at san francisco's presidio cemetery. in the front row was a couple from santa rosa whose son died in rag. their 21-year-old was killed in baghdad in 2006 when a roadside bomb he can proceeded near his humv humvee. today he was singled out and honored for his service and sacrifice. another tribute in the east bay. this is abort the uss hornet in alameda. people in attendance were able to meet veterans and tour the ship after the event. still ahead here at 11:00, what took so long? we investigate why pg&e waited nearly half an hour to call for help after a fire in up with of its substations. and we're watching low clouds tonight. 50s around san jose. another cool forecast tomorrow.
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highs here 70. but could this storm offshore bring us a chance of showers approaching the middle part of the week. >> we'll look at that in our forecast coming up. plus, the foo fighters finale cut short. why bottle rock organizers silenced the band before they were ready to leave the stage. half an hour to call the fire
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department after a fire nbc bay area news has learned it took pg&e nearly half an hour to call the fire department after a fire broke out in one of its san francisco substagszs two weeks ago. and even after crews arrived it took another half hour before they could even get inside. >> jackson vander becken digs into what went wrong and why it reminds customers of pg&e's deadly response to the san bruno explosion. >> communications, ever hart. >> reporter: this is the first san francisco fire officials heard of what was going on at
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pg&e larkin street substation on april 21st. >> we got a call from the pg&e box over there at the 600 larkin, they say alarms are going off. >> reporter: our investigation shows this call came more than 25 minutes after a blast that sent workers running from the building and left 88,000 residents and businesses without power. but that was only the start of the problems that morning. >> they had an explosion in there. no one is injured. they all left the building. and it's locked up at this moment. we are waiting for a supervisor to respond out to let us in. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor aaron possess kin said he was shocked when he heard what happened. >> the fact that the pg&e personnel left and closed the doors and locked them -- i mean, how do things like that happen? it's crazy. >> reporter: the next 25 minutes, san francisco fire crews wait for that supervisor
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while the fire continues to burn inside the substation. >> we've got a guy back here with keys. whenever you are ready. >> we are just waiting for the pg&e supervisor. we are just going to hang out. >> reporter: this dispatch log obtained under the public records act shows pg&e's public liaison was marked as en route from the peninsula at the time. fire crews's patience are being tested as they wait outside even after they say they have found guy who can let them in. >> we have got a guy who says he is filling in and can let us in. >> stand by. >> hold off. >> it's not me. these guys want to go in. i'm telling them they have to hold off. >> reporter: 9:53 a.m., more than 20 minutes after fire crews first arrive. one firefighter tells the commander he has found a way into the rear of the building
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and he suggests he can put the fire out easily. once again he is ordered to hold off. then a fifth on the roof warns the smoke is getting blacker, a sign that the fire is getting worse. >> truck 3 on the roof. it does appear like the smoke isset going a little darker. >> reporter: only then, at 9:54 nearly an hour after the fire started did one of the crews act on its own. >> we are in here putting the fire out. >> reporter: by then, the fire is far more stubborn. >> we are using our extinguishers. we're getting more from p and e. we knock it down. it seems to be coming back. get the co 2 union to respond out here. >> reporter: it took another 30 minutes to get that truck to the scene with its tank of fire smothering carbon dioxide. by then the fire had largely burned itself out. >> with a we found is frankly quite troubling. >> reporter: the supervisor told us he still can't believe how
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long it took for pg&e to get a supervisor to the scene. >> quite frankly it's shades of san bruno. i think san francisco was very lucky that the fire didn't go out of control. >> reporter: the national transportation saert safety board's san bruno probe was highly critical to the response the 2010 gas line exigs ploegs. not only did they fail to report the fire. there was a 40 minute delay in shutting to of the gas. in the end, eight people were killed and 38 homes from destroyed. pg&e paid fines and other penalties for its handling of the incident and other safety violations. possess kin fears that not much has changed. >> the fact that in the aik wake of san bruno pg&e still doesn't have basic safety protocols in place demands an investigation. >> reporter: pg&e told us they had their own first responder crews at the scene at 9:25, before the company alerted san francisco authorities. but they did not answer
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questions related to their handling of the incident. the utility has brought in an outside engineering firm to review what happened. jackson vander becken, nbc bay area news. if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips. you can also sends an e-mail to the unitate nbc bay i'm meteorologist rebound may yesterdaya on this -- feels like a sunday night. but it's monday. >> it does. we had weather that was kind of cool for most of the bay area. if you want an unofficial start to summer in term of the forecast you might have to wait until the last three days of the seven-day forecast forecast ahead. right now the sea breeze is bringing in the low clouds again. san francisco 54 degrees. bay bridge lights looking nice tonight as we show you emeryville. overcast with low clouds. 57 degrees. you will see temperatures in the
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low 50s in the morning. in san jose, 55 degrees. eventually low clouds spilling into the santa clara valley. notice the wind speeds. it hasn't backed off much from this evening, especially out in solano county and concord. out towards the dealt at that we're seeing wind speeds 20 to 30 miles per hour. this is going to be an all day event tomorrow which will not only bring in the clouds but maybe drizzle along the coastal hill tops and east bay too. weather temperatures low 50s. highs tomorrow still the represent the over the next few days keeps temperatures below average which means lower 70s around doan san jose. mid 70s in walnut creek. mid 60s on san mateo and 50s through half moon bay towards the outer sunset of the downtown sfroen in the low 60s and still
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in the 70s for north bay. temperature trends for tuesday going to be cool. much like we had today. one change will be increasing clouds late tuesday and wednesday check that out. a slight chance of isolated showers before the skies leer and temperatures for the second half of the week begin to warm up. it will be interesting tuesday. first it will be breezy and cool during the day. then the clouds spill in. overnight tuesday, 11:00 to 7:00 a.m. wednesday morning some of the weather models picking up on a slight chance of showers but rapid clearing, as early as lunchtime. in the forecast moving forward, areas along the coast might get a little drizzle, enough to wet the ground at spots tomorrow night into early wednesday. as that system lifts out you see what builds behind. high pressure starting thursday to friday. temperatures climb in some cases for the valleys that could be as much as 15 degrees of warming between wednesday and friday. the changes playing out in the seven-day forecast. look at san francisco now breaking out of the pattern of that strong ocean
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air-conditioning to 70s, or close to it as early as friday. low to mid 70s as we go through the weekend. inland spots, 60s and low 70s the next couple of days. mid to upper 80s possible for next week. that looks like a better three day weekend. >> can you send a note to everyone's boss that it is a three day weekend next week. >> i will do my guest. up next, if you have trouble sleeping the specific type of sounds that can help you get a better night's sleep. >> and we have jimmy. >> john oliver is my guess. patton as wallet. music from james arthur and we will check out cool new robots do not change the channel. happening now a suspected car thief in napa brought to life by two witnesses. the two told police they saw the man trying to break into a car. when police caught up with the suspect they foupt more than 20
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car keys and fobs in his pockets. we posted the story on our website. just into the newsroom.
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a tweet from british airways - saying normal flight opeon just in to the newsroom a tweet from british airway saying normal flight operations resumed from the airline's hub at london heathrow airport. you will remember they canceled every flight over the weekend after a worldwide i.t. outage. heathrow was packed with stranded passengers trying to got away for the long weekend. the airline says the problem has been fixed. british airways has four flights a day from london to the bay area. if you are looking for a better night's sleep, you will want to hear this. according to a small study from
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northwestern university listening to pink noise will help you fall and stay in a deep sleep. pink noise is a little lower than white noise. it can boost memory and ability to recall words. researchers hope to create a custom device for this for your home. >> i need that sound machine now. >> you will fall asleep right now. back in a moment. more from the brawl and what else happened. at the giants game.
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disneyland resort. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at hero up! part two? suspensions. =raj/2shot= and part 3: payback. there )s a good chance -- the nationals the brawl is part one. part two, suspension. >> and then part three, a little payback. there is a good chance the nationals will bean one of the giants' players soon. that's how baseball works. at the ballpark today, hello to barry zito. the former a's and giants pitcher turned country singer. he gave a pregame performance. before the brawl, washington's ryan zimmerman with this home run. really that's all the offense the gnats would need. ath inning the benches clear, strickland and harper as we showed youlier getting to know each other just a bit better. os both players likely to be suspended. and the nationals beat giants 3-0. let's go out to the ballpark.
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exclusive center field camera there. the two teams go at it tomorrow night. could see more more fireworks. the a's in cleveland playing the defending american league champs. cleveland jumped out to an early five-run lead. but if a's make a charge. khris davis hitting his 15th home run. indians beat the athletics 5-3. >> game one of the nba finals is this thursday in oakland. the players are ready. what about the coaches. steve kerr was at practice today he says he is feeling better but undecided whether he will be coaching game one. acting coach mike brown was under the weather, apparently food poisoning. coach kerr was poking fun. i told the team, the good news is the team is healthy. the bad news is the coaching staff is dropping like flies. he will be back tomorrow. >> a live look at oracle arena. game one is this thursday at
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6:00. up next, the reason bottle rock in napa pulled the plug on the foo fighters. we'll show you. live-stream your favorite sport, at the airport. binge dvr'd shows, while painting your toes. on demand laughs, during long bubble baths. tv on every screen is awesome. the all-new xfinity stream app. all your tv at home. the most on demand, your entire dvr, top networks, and live sports on the go. included with xfinity tv. xfinity the future of awesome.
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they pulled the plug on one of the biggest rock bands on the planet. here's what happened at the bottle rock festival in napa. ♪ this was last night when the foo fighters were on stage. organizers of the napa venue turned off the mike and half of the speakers because the band went past the 10:00 p.m. curfew. no problem, the band played on with the crowd providing the vocals. it happened last year as well when the cure was cut off at curfew. >> at least they knew all the lyrics. >> thank you for joining us on this holiday. have a great day tomorrow. >> bi, folks. [ cheers and app ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- john oliver. patton oswalt.


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